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" This planet is a game preserve. And we're the game. "
Royce (from Predators )

The Game Preserve Planet is an example of an entire celestial body used for hunting grounds. In 2010 a group of dangerous Skinny Spykar Rise Jeans Low Blue Fit VrMbY8R3R
individuals were abducted from Earth and dropped onto the planet. They found themselves the prey during a Cotton Slim Shirts Formal Cream Fit Van Heusen jmpxpf
Hunt .

Geology, Geography, Flora and Fauna

A forest on the planet.

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Jeans Fit Spykar Rise Low Blue Mid Mens Skinny bcCw2 A very familiar and deadly plant.

The terrain of the planet (in the area Predators  takes place, at least) is a jungle. Isabelle notes that the topography of the planet doesn't match any jungle from Earth , though it is closest to the Amazon. Certain plant species from Earth are actually present on the planet, as Edwin is able to recognize a plant species which secretes a potent neurotoxin. The Super Predators have been dropping humans off here for centuries, so it would not be surprising if some seeds accidentally came with them. The other possibility is that the Super Predators intentionally terraformed the planet to some degree.

The length of days as well as years on the planet is logically not the same as on Earth: both seem to be much longer. After initially waking up on the planet, Royce notes to Isabelle that "the sun hasn't moved at all since we got here" several hours before and Isabelle uses a twig and leaf homemade compass in a puddle of liquid which only spins, proving there is no magnetic north on the planet. The nights on the planet are shorter than the days. The seasons of the planet are also long. Noland says that he has been on the planet for 10 "seasons", but he has been there since the Vietnam War 30 years ago. Therefore, roughly speaking a given "season" on the Game Preserve Planet may be three times as long as an Earth year.

The planet actually may be a moon not a planet. In the scene where Royce and company discovers they are not on Earth, a Jupiter-like gas giant and an Earth-like moon are seen very close to the Game preserve. This may mean the Game Preserve Planet is actually one of two or more moons orbiting a Jovian gas giant. The moon orbit around the gas giant explains the long day-short night cycles.

Although not seen in any media, the Game Preserve Planet oceans may have strong tidal forces from the gravitational pull from the gas giant and other celestial bodies. The magnetic field must be strong enough to fend off radiation from the Jovian planet, but may also be chaotic rather than cyclical, given the Isabelle's spinning compass.


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